Rain Water Harvesting

Do you know how much it costs you to water your lawn and landscape?

For a one acre professionally landscaped property you need one inch of water per week, which means running your sprinkler system four times a week to deposit approximately one quarter inch of water per interval on the plants and lawn area. Possibly more when the weather heats up, especially on the lawn.

One inch of water per week at this rate equals 27,154 gallons. That means you will use 108,616 gallons per month. That does not include additional water for running the washing machine and dishwasher, showering, flushing toilets, washing your car, or filling the swimming pool. You’ll need to run your sprinkler system from mid April thru late October or longer depending on the weather. That means for eight months +/- you will use close to 900,000 gallons of water on just landscaping. If a gallon of water costs between three and five cents, it could cost you almost $4,344 per year just to keep your landscape lush and alive.

1 ACRE = $4,344IN 2O YEARS $86,880
2 ACRES = $8,688IN 20 YEARS $173,760
3 ACRES = $13,032IN 20 YEARS $260,640
4 ACRES = $17,376IN 20 YEARS $347,520
5 ACRES = $21,720IN 20 YEARS $434,400

With water restrictions in most towns and villages already in place, it would seem almost imperative to supplement your watering requirements with a free source of water that no restrictions can be imposed upon.

Call us to see how much money our Rain Water Harvesting System can save you and how you can help save the environment. Fresh water is quickly becoming humanity’s most precious resource and biggest commodity.


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