Permeable Paving

Permeable Paving is a range of sustainable materials and techniques for pavements with an aggregate base and sub base that allow for the movement of stormwater through the surface. In addition to reducing runoff, this effectively traps suspended soils and filters pollutants from the water. Examples include residential driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, paths and lawns, and service or emergency access lanes and road shoulders.

The goal is to control stormwater at the source, reduce runoff and improve water quality by filtering pollutants in the substrata layers.

Permeable solutions can be based on: Concrete Pavers (permeable interlocking paving systems - PIPC), permeable Clay Brick Pavers, and Concrete or Polymer Grass Pavers, Grids and Geocells. Permeable pavements and pavers (actually the voids between them) enable stormwater to drain through a stone based layer for on-site infiltration and filtering. Concrete Grass Pavers, Drivable Grass, and Polymer based Grass Grids and Geocells provide load bearing reinforcement for unpaved surfaces of Gravel or Turf.

In new suburban growth, permeable pavements protect watersheds. In existing built up areas and towns, redevelopment and reconstruction are opportunities to implement stormwater management practices. Permeable Paving is an important component of Low Impact Development (LID), a process for land development in the United States that attempts to minimize impacts on water quality with the concept of Sustainable Drainage Systems.


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